10 Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men

There are hundreds of ways using which men try to woo women. But are women impressed? Not always! If you are a man, you probably wish to know what women like in a man, so that you can make changes in your personality and style statement accordingly.

But it is not just difficult but also extremely embarrassing to be asking your female friend about the Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men. For all such men who want to uncover the secret, yet don’t want to appear desperate, these points below will come quite handy. Check out-

Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men

A deep voice


Out of all the Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men, a deep gentle voice is the most important one. If you have a deep husky voice, then you don’t need much to impress a woman. Your voice would suffice.

An athletic body is what women drool over


So, you have a great personality, and you also have a deep voice, but if you don’t have the kind of physique that women drool over, then you won’t probably be able to impress as many women as you want to.

Some stubble is sexy


Although heavy facial hair is in rage and is loved by almost all present-day men, it’s not something that melts a woman’s heart. What melts a woman’s core is a man’s face dotted with light stubble.

Height matters


One of the biggest assets a man can have is height. Without a good height, a man can’t really impress any woman he wishes to. A good height is always one of those Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men.

Confidence offers a boost


A confident man is attractive, irrespective of how he looks. If you have got height, a good voice, and a good physique, then you sure are a treat to all the women’s eyes. But for a long-term impression, you always need oodles of confidence.

Humour is a big asset


Can you make people laugh? If yes, then this quality will definitely work in favor of you. Many behavior studies have revealed that women get attracted to men who can make them laugh. So, if you are a boring chap, with no comic sense, then you might not be in the good books of the women you know.

A great sense of dressing


The dressing is the first thing a woman notices in a man. So, if you are well dressed, you need not worry much about other things. Your dressing sense has a huge impact on how women take you. And before looking for best outfits, you must check out the Don’t of Men’s Fashion.

Mischievousness is crazily cute


A lot of men think they must not show their mischievous side to women. If you are under the same impression, and forcibly wearing a serious disposition, then you are doing the wrong thing. Give your mischievous acts free rein, and see how naturally women get attracted towards you.

A sexy haircut/hairstyle


A man’s hair is as important as that of a woman. And women die for men who have got sexy hair. So, take care of your hair, get a nice cut. & these days, Women are also going GaGa for Men’s Beard Styles so, don’t forget to take care of that too. Why don’t you check that Beard Guide on How to Get Beard Faster and Deeper?

Deep intoxicating eyes


Eyes speak a thousand words- this holds cent percent true in this case. If you have got deep intoxicating eyes, you need not say a lot of things to a woman you like. A deep look you shoot at her, and her heart melts like it is an ice-cream.

So, these are the Things Women consider Most Attractive in Men. If you are a man, and you don’t have all of these characteristics, there is no need to worry, whatever out of these you have, improve them or keep those qualities intact. If you have none of what has been mentioned above, then be truthful to yourself. There is perhaps anything more attractive than a man who is true to himself and others.